Glow (2023-2024)

Our work for Glow was one of Anchor Marketing’s most ambitious and largest projects to date. Our consultants addressed various challenges including social media, user experience, client outreach, B2B strategy, and a reimagining of the company’s brand identity.

Glow is an Austin-based tech startup building technology that helps people plan IRL experiences.

Austin Murtland, CEO & CO-Founder of Glow

We presented Glow with a dual-avenue social media strategy including paid advertising and organic social media content. For the paid social media advertising we ran a series of AI generated test advertisements and established expected click-through rates and costs per click. The tested advertisements can be seen below.

As a new company trying to establish itself, we helped Glow to consider a new brand identity that matches their organizational values. As a company that looks to encourage real life connections between people, we presented “Spark” as a new name and identity to align itself behind. This new brand package included a color scheme, brand voice standards, and a series of potential sample logos to choose from (featured below).

Anchor Marketing helped Glow to expand their outreach strategy to reach more potential clients through a larger variety of approaches. This strategy included writing press release, creating a brand ambassador program, enhancing the Glow website, and developing a Business to Business sales strategy.

Anchor Marketing extends a massive thank you to our leadership team for this project:

  • Daniel Sak (’25), Director of Anchor Marketing
  • Spencer Eyen (’26), Consumer Base Investigation Team Leader
  • Gabe Loewenson (’24), Social Media Team Leader
  • Nya McClain (’24), Brand Identity Team Leader
  • Zihan Mei (’25), User Experience Team Leader
  • George Wang (’24), Advertising and Public Relations Team Leader

Additional thanks to our Anchor Marketing administrative team:

  • Morgan Hirsch (’27), Website Manager
  • Ava Winer (’27), Social Media Manger